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slicedbread are a combination of ideas people, creatives, information architects and technology wizards who work tirelessly to make our clients happy.

With an agile approach to development, slicedbread works closely with clients to align their IT needs with their business goals to ensure a maximum return on investment.

With a wealth of experience and knowhow, slicedbread have built solution accelerators to speed up your implementations so your customer experience, employee engagement, business intelligence and case management solutions are delivered in weeks and not months.

Take a look below to see where our project management skills thrive…

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Project Definition
Health Check
Project Rescue

Project Definition

Defining the project is one of the most important parts of any implementation whether you are building a system from scratch or need to enhance the functionality of legacy systems. Understand your challenges and define an IT roadmap together for realising your business goals.


Implementing your project, be it CRM, Intranet or bespoke development, requires minimal disruption to your day to day operations. The final implementation needs to be a robust solution that delivers against your objectives. We ensure that our clients’ implementation is quick and painless and we do this by:

An agile philosophy

The Agile Movement

slicedbread adopts an Agile approach to development. Working in sprints, usually two weeks at a time, development is built incrementally to ensure that the project stays aligned to the overarching business objectives.  The agile movement is widely regarding as the most efficient, effective and COLLABORATIVE way to develop software solutions that work.

Solution Accelerators

Solution Accelerators

slicedbread has years of experience and has built proven and robust modules to help accelerate projects. Rather than starting from scratch, we can help speed up your project implementation by using our tried and tested accelerators to bring you great results; quicker. You just need to look at our products sharedo and EngagementHub to understand the flexible and robust accelerators we have at our disposal.

Technical Knowledge and Know-How

Experience & Knowhow

We hire the top 5% of ideas people, inspirational creatives, astounding information architects and gifted technical wizards. With countless years’ experience behind the team, our true expertise is in solving complex problems and making brilliant business applications for our clients.

Health Check

CRM and Intranet Health Check

Your Dynamics, SharePoint and Business Applications are key to your business. You’ve migrated your files from shared folders, you’ve built apps and automated your business processes, and your employees really like it. But are your systems robust?

How long would it take you to rebuild if your hardware failed? A day, a week, maybe even two. Imagine the disruption you’d face (and the late nights to boot!). With a healthcheck, slicedbread can work with you to ensure that your systems can support your business with the reliability and availability that you require. We’ve built robust and highly available systems in the past, and can show you how you can get the availability guarantees your business relies on.

Project Rescue

If you’ve embarked on a project that hasn’t quite worked out then you are not alone. Many businesses have invested money into IT platforms that do not deliver as expected. slicedbread is experienced and skilled at taking a project in any state to deliver an IT solution that meets your business objectives. Get in touch with us if you have a system that is not:


We are integration experts and love an api challenge

We live in an interconnected world and that applies to the world of business too. slicedbread specialises in integrating different systems to provide a connected and streamlined IT platform. From integrating web channels into CRM through to streamlining your supply chain, we have the skills help achieve your goals.


First class IT support

Take it as given that our Support service will keep your system available and performing. Our service is designed to meet the demands of your sales, marketing and operations teams.

True end user support is delivered and communicated in a timely fashion – enabling your people to be at their most productive with helping hands always available to support mission-critical systems.

Client Testimonials

Take a look through our testimonials and case studies to get a better idea of slicedbread’s work.

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Product Expertise

slicedbread has expertise in a host of products. Take a look at the products we work with to build our clients solutions that take their customer engagement, case management and employee engagement strategies to new heights.


Why slicedbread?

slicedbread is a mixture of the best people, ideas and technology. Our ethos is about pushing ourselves to drive innovations to build our clients the best business apps.

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