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Clinical Case Management

Business Situation In order to better manage the care for their members our client began the creation of highly specialised teams based around specific conditions. Recognising that the unique needs of different conditions required a highly flexible systems approach. Our client turned to slicedbread to identify and then deliver a system strategy to support these [...]

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Transport Account Management & Sales

Business Situation Looking beyond basic contact and opportunity management slicedbread worked with the business to develop a strategy for a more broad reaching adoption of CRM technology; enabling rapid application development of business solutions in 25% of the time required to typically develop core systems. The result was system and process support where none existed [...]

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Insurance B2B Sales Automation

Business Situation Our insurance client was undertaking an extensive business transformation programme. This included a review of its current business model, as well as its processes and systems. As part of the programme, they introduced a new sales strategy and required an effective information technology solution to support and drive their processes. To this end [...]

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Clinical SharePoint Extranet

Business Situation To better serve their major drug company customers, our healthcare client embarked upon the creation of a compelling customer portal. Providing a management level view of clinical trials across the world required a partner with skills across usability, creative design, data visualisation and business intelligence – slicedbread in summary! Technical Situation Following an initial [...]

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SharePoint Intranet for Financial Services Company

Business Situation This major financial services company was looking to relaunch its intranet with an aim of better communicating with its employees and increasing collaboration. Whilst they had many of the skills required to implement this project, they fell short in a number of areas – this is where slicedbread came to help. Technical Situation [...]

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Data Centre Warehouse Optimisation

Business Situation Your data warehouse is running slow. Users are getting increasingly frustrated by the time it takes to access reporting information. Your business can’t make the timely decisions it requires. What are you going to do? This retail client called slicedbread. Technical Situation We parachuted one of our BI architects in to have a look at [...]

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HR SharePoint Portal

Business Situation As an innovative learning and development company Insights required an innovative technology solution to support their new HR initiative. Technical Situation Following our user centric design approach we built out rich wireframes and creative designs. Rich workflow management functionality, together with integration to internal HR solutions, managed end to end processes such as performance [...]

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Insurance Policy Escalations

Business Situation Having a dependency on manual process and a combination of capturing requests on spreadsheets and in email folders, our insurance client realised significant inefficiencies in coordinating policy escalations from specialist teams to Policy Directors to assess policy coverage against complex claims. Technical Situation slicedbread were selected to design and implement a Dynamics CRM [...]

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Education – Student and Staff Portal

Business Situation slicedbread were to provide a slick and engaging intranet that would be used by university students. Working from initial focus groups' input through to creative design, our SharePoint team, together with the client, did just that. Technical Situation Carefully balancing both the priorities of the university with the needs of the students, the [...]

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Healthcare – Microsoft CRM Outcomes Survey

Business Situation Patient Outcome Surveys are a key strategy for our client to ensure they provide the most value to their clients and to their organisation. Through the measurement of care provided they are better able to efficiently allocate scarce resources – hence providing a win win for both their organisation and their clients. [...]

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