We’ve worked with slicedbread for the last couple of years on two major projects – the transformation of our employee intranet and the revamp of our corporate website. We were impressed with their designs and creativity and are very pleased with the end results.
Domino’s Corporate Website & Intranet

About the Domino’s Project…

To support their rapidly growing business that was approaching the FTSE 100 and expanding its reach in Europe, Domino’s needed agile solutions open to change, that strengthened communications between their employees, offices, customers and investors.

To achieve their goals, Domino’s attacked the problem from two fronts: A revamped Emplotranet and a Corporate Website that would replace their outdated legacy system.

Because of the fast-paced, dynamic nature of Domino’s, they needed a partner capable of delivering adaptive solutions helmed by some of the best people in the business—this is where slicedbread came in; they wanted to help Domino’s make the invisible, visible.

Domino’s had a clear, extensive plan for their new solutions: They wanted an intranet that promoted corporate news, employee collaboration, advanced information discovery and business performance dashboards—all easily navigable and intuitive.

They wanted a corporate internet presence that strengthened their brand and helped them fulfil key business objectives such as attracting franchisee’s and property investment. Both these solutions had to exemplify Domino’s brand and inject their ethos of “Sell More Pizza, Have More Fun!” and slicedbread were the perfect fit.

With legacy solutions for both their intranet and internet that were hard to change and maintain, and in dire needed of standardisation, Domino’s were keen to exploit best in class Microsoft solutions in the form of SharePoint and Orchard CMS. It then fell to slicedbread, masters of “mash up” technology, to make this a reality.

Utilising SharePoint with its inherent business configurabilityhanded the power over to Domino’s by allowing them to take control of their content and processes over both platforms. Coupled with SharePoint’s scalability and multi-lingual features, it was essential for Domino’s continued European expansion.

By using Orchard, Tech Wizards, and a passionate design team, slicedbread were able to revamp Domino’s website from a cumbersome, unintuitive, and outdated design,to a product that reflected Domino’s growth and “fun” nature in a visual way. Tying all this best in class tech together, was the ability to have these solutions in one data centre that offered complete support, making collaboration and maintenance a breeze.

A passionate and driven company like Domino’s needed a company who were just as focused and dedicated to finding not just the best solutions, but better ones—and they found it in slicedbread.

Compelling solutions need creative flair to flourish and User Centric Design is at the heart of this, whether it’s intranet, internet, or business apps. Knowing your audience means gaining a firm understanding of your business drivers and the ambitions of the user community. And for intranet and a corporate website, we focused on driving employee and customer engagement.

These valuable insights were translated into an interaction design that ensured users engaged with the solution to fulfil their objectives. Both solutions had to emanate Domino’s Corporate Social Responsibilities by encapsulating their focus on Community Matters, by actively implementing information on the latest happenings around the company, and allowing users to engage with other staff and see just how great Domino’s was doing.

Another aim of the project that slicedbread were mindful of was Domino’s focus on cultivating a “Great Place to Work,” a natural extension of this being an easy to use, fun intranet and corporate website.

For slicedbread, whose own company values strongly reflect that of Domino’s, we had the perfect working environment and company culture to use as a solid project foundation.

Being mindful of these tenets and keeping them at the heart of what we do drove our visual design—it was more than making pages look pretty, it was about creating a graphical language that intuitively guided users through the solution with common action colours and visual signposting to make learning naturally engaging.

After we completed our user centric design phase, we then converted the site features into a product backlog that enabled slicedbread’s offshore teams to deliver on the project. So what it came down to was:

Creative Excellence + Offshore Delivery = Best Thing Since

This enabled a:

  • Rapid and cost effective rollout of an Intranet foundation using out-of-the-box  SharePoint functionality;
  • Rich and engaging site design that promotes Domino’s brand and is not overly heavy on content creation;
  • Content managed platform that allows Domino’s business users to take control of their content authoring and publishing;
  • Platform that promotes information sharing including  corporate communications, product and franchisee news, employee opinions, documents and policies and procedures;
  • Future-proofed platform  that can be rapidly  and cost effectively expanded to meet future needs.


  • Business users were able to take control of content publishing
  • Rapid information discovery for critical Domino’s information all presented through a single unified search function – enabling search of content and critical business information e.g. franchisee’s
  • Future-proof platform capable of rapid expansion according to business needs
  • A corporate website focused on business objectives

Products & Services

  • SharePoint 2010
  • Orchard CMS
  • Enterprise Search
  • SQL 2008 R2
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