The project team at slicedbread were just as passionate about it as the internal team. Nothing was too much trouble and the communication has been second to none. The support (even to a ‘non-techy’ like me) has been outstanding throughout the 3-4 month project timeline. It definitely worries me that on completion of the project I won’t have them on speed dial anymore! I would highly recommend slicedbread and am looking forward to working with them again and again in the future.
Domino’s Corporate Website & Intranet

About Domino’s…

Domino’s Pizza is recognised as the world’s leading pizza delivery company. Their passion for quality and for delivering hot, freshly made pizza has earned them a fan base of loyal pizza lovers around the world.

To support their rapidly growing business Domino’s want to reinvigorate their Franchisee Portal; bringing it inline with their brand guidelines and building a site that will engage and inform. They also want a platform that will enable Head Office to better connect with their franchisees. The solution should exemplify Domino’s brand and inject their ethos of “Sell more Pizza, have more fun!” – slicedbread were the perfect fit!
Domino’s franchisees currently communicate with Head Office via a wide range of disparate apps across multiple legacy solutions. This has created an inefficient way of working and poor communication channels, neither of which encourages the high levels of Franchisee engagement that the world’s leading pizza delivery company aspire to.
slicedbread proposed their engagementHub SharePoint framework for the new Domino’s Franchisee Portal. The engagementHub framework provides a flexible, customised and fully integrated web platform, with the additional security of an Extranet and so was an obvious choice. The main focus for Domino’s was to craft a solution that would drive Franchisee engagement, and create a central hub to encourage collaboration and joined-up thinking between stores and Head Office.

slicedbread developed and branded a bespoke SharePoint 2013 on-premise solution to create a rich and engaging site which features custom news editing and viewing pages; an extensive image library enabling Head Office to store and share high resolution imagery and videos with Franchisees; a Domino’s training application; bespoke apps page allowing the user to launch into any one of the many Domino’s business apps from one central point; a comprehensive FAQs section to help and guide the user reducing the reliance on support staff; and a rich mega menu to facilitate the display of multiple menu items at once.

SharePoint hosted apps were created and deployed to enable viewing of news articles and Twitter in a fluid user interface. Most (but not all) of these artifacts can also be used in an O365 environment.

All of this culminates in an intuitive solution with common action colours and visual signposting to ensure the experience is naturally engaging. And slicedbread delivered all of this in only 7 weeks.

Ben Nicholson, Director of slicedbread said:“We’re really happy to be working with Domino’s again and building upon the previous success of their Intranet and Internet projects. It’s a really great partnership and we love their pizza too!”


slicedbread’s On-Premise solution enables Head Office to better connect with their Franchisees as well as demonstrating the unique value that they bring to them. The new Franchisee Portal provides a seamless and targeted communication platform, a set of productivity tools and a basis for building communities of interest across Domino’s Franchisee and Franchisee staff; numbering over 20,000. To ensure the solution is future-proofed, reusable and configurable apps have been used wherever possible.

The solution reflects Domino’s mantra of being fun, but also conveys the professional touch expected by a successful high growth FTSE 250 Company.

A passionate and driven company like Domino’s is very much aware that Franchisees have a wealth of operational experience and frontline customer knowledge, which can be an invaluable market research resource. To really take advantage of this knowledge, the next step for Domino’s is to turn the Extranet into a 2 way communication channel: giving Franchisees the ability to send feedback and suggestions, as well as enabling Head Office to push out news and updates.

There are also plans to develop further customisations and create a truly personalised experience, where the Franchisee will have everything they need in one place.

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