Business Situation

Patient Outcome Surveys are a key strategy for our client to ensure they provide the most value to their clients and to their organisation. Through the measurement of care provided they are better able to efficiently allocate scarce resources – hence providing a win win for both their organisation and their clients.

Technical Situation

Our clients objective was to exploit their existing investment in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Based on slicedbread’s already successful delivery of a number of CRM solutions, we were presented with the challenge to design and deliver a survey solution by extending the capabilities of Dynamics.

The key aim was to ensure that users were self-sufficient in the design, maintenance and communication of surveys to their clients with the capability to analyse results and respond with expediency.

The Solution

Following a requirements definition exercise, slicedbread designed a solution that delivered end-to-end automation across multiple applications, incorporating the Mojo survey solution product, with Dynamics CRM at the hub.

By using a Windows Azure Integration service layer, triggers to launch surveys from core back office applications were communicated to Dynamics based on user-defined allocation rules and surveys were sent to customers via email.

On completion of the survey in a secure web form, the results are stored directly against the customer record in Dynamics CRM. slicedbread created workflows to enables actions to be triggered such as immediate notifications being sent by email to the customer service team if the customer expressed dissatisfaction. A full suite of Dynamics CRM role-based dashboards and reports were also created to ensure full visibility was provided into key performance indicators.

The new integrated Outcomes Surveys solution enables our client to manage the full treatment lifecycle of a customer, to be both reactive in responding to feedback from customers and also to be proactive in modelling its approach to product portfolios and the full service delivery process.

By enabling survey users to manage their own allocation rules and easily create new surveys with supporting management information, our client has a future proofed solution that can be easily tailored to support its core business.