Business Situation

Having a dependency on manual process and a combination of capturing requests on spreadsheets and in email folders, our insurance client realised significant inefficiencies in coordinating policy escalations from specialist teams to Policy Directors to assess policy coverage against complex claims.

Technical Situation

slicedbread were selected to design and implement a Dynamics CRM based solution to exploit its Case Management capability, which combined with E-Mail configuration and a custom service level agreement feature, could be used to automate processes and drive efficiencies.

Technical Situation

The resulting solution provided a central, easy to use, repository of all Information, Communications, Notes and Documents relating to a case. This streamlined the flow of information between the Initial Requester and the Policy Director managing a case and enabled a balance of workload across the team via Team Queues.

Ultimately, our client now have the tools to enable their specialists to respond in a timely and consistent fashion in delivering a world class service to its customers.