When it comes to work and careers, women are the same as men… Almost.

  1. Are we ambitious? We want to reach the top don’t we Theresa, Angela and Hillary?
  2. Do we want to travel? Who doesn’t want to see the world…?
  3. Are we tough enough to survive even the toughest work environment? A woman can shake bones with one look – just ask our husbands!

So what’s different? … The Baby Switch is what’s different.

Inside the mind of many women is a psychological switch; a tiny, beautiful, vulnerable little switch and we don’t even know it’s there until the second we see those curious little eyes looking up at us.

From that moment on things change and we no longer ‘want’:

  • To go anywhere if it means that we must be away from our guzzling, puking, defecating little bundle for even one night;
  • To beat ‘Tom from the office’ to that promotion if it means we should work 24/7 and let our toddler’s first word be Mama – to the nanny;

We’re still tough make no mistake (mess with our offspring and see) but we see everyone and everything differently now. We no longer lie awake at night and plot the career demise of ‘Tom from the Office’ – we lie there panicking about the wrong shade of nappy mustard or if we have semi skimmed breast milk when the bundle lost 0.3 of an ounce.

Is ‘want’ the right word? It’s not a conscious ‘choice’. When The Baby Switch is turned on the very fibre of our being changes, these things no longer feel like a choice or a decision or even an option.

But I digress onto the meaning of ‘want’ so here comes the good bit.

The shape of the technology world can and will ease the effects of The Baby Switch.

  • The days of local installs are on their way out, everyday more and more systems are accessible online so can be deployed without the need to take that .exe on a plane, train or automobile ride
  • Gone are the times of planetary travel to get a face to face meeting – Video conferencing allows us to do just that without going anywhere.
  • Users aren’t prepared to wait for year(s) to see innovative solutions, they expect to start seeing answers to their problems immediately.

slicedbread is leading the way in this revolution in the work place, they are a forward thinking and completely online company.

People are encouraged to have a healthy work-life balance. The owners of slicedbread see the benefits of offering flexible working situations if it means getting the best people for the job.

They adopt an Agile methodology which means there isn’t the need to stay up until 3:00 in the morning finishing off that 1276-page specification document. With incremental deliveries, the client starts seeing their product taking shape immediately which means they’re happy – which means the boss is happy and all in time to be home and watch those big blues closing for the night.

For the mothers of the world these changes in the way we deliver technology mean that we don’t have to trade our children’s childhood for a career. We can give 100% and be successful at work whilst still be present in the minds of our children – we’ve always been good at multi-tasking; it was just a case of getting the balance right.

So watch out boys, technology opened the door and here come the girls!

Author: Teresa Dawson

Teresa is a Business Analyst at slicedbread and has a wealth of experience in delivering complex solutions to prestigious organisations such as the House of Commons, Wembley and the National History Museum.