We’ve all seen it… the sales pipeline funnel report… surely it must come as standard for all CRM implementations. Sure, it’s a useful sales tool if you are selling widgets or anything with a fairly predictable sales cycle… but selling high touch, high value services deals is different… there is no such thing as a predictable sales cycle.

The problem with the sales funnel in my opinion, is that it only tells you where you are today, not where you are going or what the trend is. It may tell you that you have £1M at 60% or a certain stage but can’t (unless you have a predictable sales cycle) tell you when you will close 60% of those £1M deals.

So without further ado, slicedbread brings you the…

top 3 leading sales indicators for Dynamics CRM

#3 At number three, we have “New Leads By Month” – if you are consistently generating more leads on a month by month basis then the chances are your sales & marketing efforts are moving in the right direction. If you further analyse these leads by proposition (assuming you sell more than one type of service), then you’ve got a pretty good idea how things will shape up across all areas of your business sometime in the future.

#2 At number two, we have “Revenue Closed by Month (90 day moving average)” – looking at your average revenue closed over a 90 day period or more importantly the trend associated with the moving average is a really good indication that your sales are moving in the right direction.

#3 And coming in at number 1 in the Dynamics CRM leading sales indicators chart is … (Queue fanfare) … our favourite the “Sales Trends (90 day moving average)” … showing you movements in your pipeline overtime and for us the best visual indicator for your current sales trends.

If you would like to see these or indeed any of the other Power BI reports for Dynamics CRM then contact us for a demo.