Here at slicedbread, we give all new staff a gift box. It contains a variety of goodies and even some sweets. It also contains a number of “required reading” materials. Whilst these books differ depending upon whether the new hire is an Information Architect or a Tech Wizard one book remains the same: “Selling the Invisible” by Harry Beckwith.

It just so happens that this book is out of print .. and our HR department seems to spend considerable time sourcing old copies of it .. it contains some hidden gems for professional services firms.

The key tenant of the book is this… when you are selling services you are often selling the “invisible”. Your potential customer is trusting that you will provide an often unique service based on a variety of seemingly intangibles.

It is your job in both Sales and Marketing to make these real to make the “invisible visible”, but also to do this in an efficient manner that doesn’t distract your delivery consultants from the important job of delivering.

So how do you do this?

For us at slicedbread, its all about efficient knowledge management. Its about capturing and categorising the huge amount of knowledge that an organisation creates and enabling it to be leveraged to make the invisible, visible. Far more than simply case studies; it’s enabling you to demonstrate where you have performed micro services before, show them and demonstrate there value.

We manage this information by leveraging SharePoint and CRM to combine the knowledge of your sales and delivery teams with all your customer touch points; helping you make the invisible visible.