UCLPartners is a complex organisation with a multi-layered system of stakeholder engagement, therefore their digital channels must be aligned, linked and compatible to ensure participation and active engagement from users. slicedbread were selected to deliver UCLPartners’ new platform due to their proven track record in building innovative tools and technologies specifically designed to engage and empower employees.

About UCLPartners…

UCLPartners is an academic health science partnership with over 40 higher education and NHS members, and a central team providing operational support and clinical academic leadership through a not-for-profit company. Together, their member organisations form one of the world’s leading centres of medical discovery, healthcare innovation and education.

UCLPartners bring together 100,000 health professionals and academics from distinguished hospital and university member organisations to work in partnership and further collaborate with patient groups, commissioners, primary care, community care, the third sector, government and industry on a portfolio of health programmes. These programmes address the needs of the local population and are aligned to the requirements of UCLPartners’ designated roles. Beyond serving the population of six million people, the healthcare solutions developed by UCLPartners’ members can be applied across the UK and globally. They work with member organisations to shift the mind sets and behaviours of both patients and professionals, and to break down traditional cultural and institutional barriers.

The communications strategy for UCLPartners is intended to be a key enabler, supporting UCLPartners to (i) achieve its vision and (ii) over time, gain recognition for this success. UCLPartners’ primary communication objectives are to develop awareness, understanding, opinion and behaviour among target audiences favourable to achieving UCLPartners’ vision.

These objectives will be achieved through a series of programmes that include stakeholder management, strategic communications campaigns, media relations, public affairs and developing world-class communications channels.

As a complex organisation with a multi-layered system of stakeholder engagement, all digital channels must be aligned, linked and compatible to ensure participation and active engagement from users. There is a need to create a solution for virtual collaboration for project teams to support the delivery of healthcare improvement for patients and populations.

With the expansion of the partnership and the requirements of UCLPartners programmes of work, it has become necessary to create a digital collaboration platform for the partnership. Developing the existing O365 solution into a more sophisticated system for digital networking and collaboration would meet these requirements. This must meet both the corporate needs of the organisation and the requirements of the individual programmes and projects.

In brief UCLPartners require a Digital Collaboration Platform that will utilise existing Office 365 investment to provide a rich and engaging experience for individual employees & groups connecting from diverse locations. The solution should provide secure, yet easy access to core information enabling users to collaborate on achieving common goals. It will demonstrate the value that UCLPartners can bring in driving innovation and communication to develop awareness, understanding, opinion and behaviour. Users will manage the solution internally through a CMS to easily and quickly update site content. It should provide a future-proofed platform that can be rapidly and cost effectively expanded to meet future needs such as programme-level digital collaboration. It must also be a flexible information platform that can be integrated with social media and backend systems.

slicedbread developed a custom solution and deployed to the Office 365 platform. Using the O365 platform ensures external partners are able to access the solution without incurring a license fee.

Office 365 integrates with Active Directory to import personnel data to enable a single repository of employee information and ensures UCLPartners staff can seamlessly log in to the system.

slicedbread utilised the media handling services provide by the Azure platform, to enable media to be uploaded and streamed without the need for public services such as YouTube. Lync Online was implemented for the UCLPartners Instant Messaging and conferencing facilities. The integration between SharePoint and Lync for both textual IM, voice and video calling, and conferencing allows a truly social platform for collaboration.


UCLPartners has a system that is currently being used as an intranet for internal staff, and which will be expanded for external colleagues around the partnership. The benefits are a more accessible platform for publishing and updating news and information for staff, saving staff time and reducing emails. The platform also allows for greater connectivity between staff as they can view individual profiles and prevent duplication on projects.

Products & Services

Combining extensive experience and unparalleled technical capability, slicedbread consultants, designers and developers worked together utilising Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint technologies to bring the UCLPartners Digital Collaboration Platform to fruition.
The UCLPartners team was also supported on this project by UCL IT department who provide IT support to the company.

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